Sloke One

Graffiti and Street Art Mural FAQs

Q: How much do your graffiti murals cost?
A: Great question. Graffiti and street art mural projects are priced by the size and complexity of design. Project pricing starts at $1k for residential and $3k for commercial jobs. Please contact me for a personalized quote.

Q: I like your work. Can you send me a sketch with ideas for a mural?
A: Similarly to hiring a tattoo artist for a custom tattoo design, you first engage the artist and provide a deposit for services. To start the creative process with me, a 50% deposit is required which includes an original design sketch for your review and approval. If you are just starting to look for ideas and inspiration, my portfolio on Instagram is a great place to start.

Q: Do you travel outside of Austin for clients?
A: Yes, I specialize in working with tech companies and I frequently travel all over Texas, the United States and Europe working with a variety of corporate clients.

Q: Who do you work with?
A: I usually work with ad agencies, marketing departments, interior designers, and business owners for their ad campaigns, events, and office space decor.

Q: Do you have a portfolio of past projects?
A: Yes, my graffiti and street art portfolio and Instagram showcase a broad range of my recent work. I also offer live graffiti art and street art painting for a truly unique experience at your next event that guests will remember.

Q: How long does it take to paint a graffiti mural?
A: Depending on the size and complexity of design, an outdoor mural (8 ft x 16 ft, for example) takes 1-2 weeks to paint dependant on weather. Interior murals usually take one week to complete, once I’m onsite.

Q: How long will the paint last? Do you have a guarantee?
A: Absolutely. I have been a professional graffiti artist for 30 years and only use the best quality spray paint products available. I guarantee the quality of my materials from peeling or flaking for 1-year. Many of my outdoor works last 5-8 years in the outdoor elements.

Touch-up service available -- I also offer an optional service for touch-up if the mural is damaged by scuffs, scratches or is tagged. You can feel at ease knowing that your mural can be quickly restored to its original beauty with a quick phone call.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, I can carry general liability insurance when requested by the client. I’m experienced working with the requirements of top brands and venues.

Q: Can you color match my brand colors?
A: Absolutely. I color match your brand color palette using the Pantone color book (PMS).

Q: Are we allowed to merchandise your graffiti art or street art?
A: I appreciate that you asked. My original graffiti and street art designs are protected by US copyright. However, I would be happy to discuss your needs and available options for licensing and turnkey merch. I am partnered with merchandise vendors that can seamlessly fulfil orders for virtually any timeline and scale.

Q: What are the next steps to start a mural?
A:  Contact me for a discovery call. We will discuss your timeline, requirements, budget and scope of the project. When you move forward with the proposal, a 50% deposit is due to start the creative process -- the first deliverable will be an original design sketch for your review and approval. I paint in Austin as well as in all major US and international markets. Contact me for a fast and friendly quote on your graffiti or street art mural project. I look forward to working with you.