Sloke One

Mural Portfolio

Make a lasting impression with your brand and choose Sloke One, the premier mural artist for top brands and advertising agencies worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in painting commissioned murals, both indoor and outdoor, Sloke guarantees visually striking and on-time commercial murals that will elevate your brand's image and attract more customers.


image of Austin murals Reagan
Image of sloke one colorful abstract mural on side of building
Image of retail storefront mural painted in Austin TX by sloke one
Image of wall mural painted at the quincy apartments in downtown austin by Nathan Nordstrom
image of sports theme mural by Sloke One at Villas on Rio apartments in Austin 


Seamless Campaign Execution

Sloke's unique ability to directly transfer predetermined artwork for advertising campaigns allows for the seamless execution of your visual campaign.


image of Tecate Austin Murals Sloke One
image of outdoor Austin murals featuring adult swim
image of Pandora SXSW Wall Mural Sloke One
image of jose cuervo outdoor mural
image of espolon tequila outdoor austin mural
Image of purple mattress wall mural painted by Sloke One


Trusted by Leading Brands

Leading brands and advertising agencies trust Sloke for their campaigns and events. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of styles, from corporate identity to abstract, graffiti, and street art murals. Sloke has painted murals for festivals, concerts, live painting experiences, and commercial spaces, transforming them into beautiful and memorable experiences.


image of indoor Austin murals featuring redbull

image of outdoor Austin murals and street art

image of Austin murals including portrait and graffiti
image of sloke one austin mural
image of Austin murals outdoor graffiti
Image of painted office mural at Aquila Austin TX by Nathan Nordstrom
image of sxsw sony austin mural outdoor event
Image of promotional painting for high tech company by Nathan Nordstrom
Image of custom apartment complex parking garage paint by sloke one
image of outdoor Austin residential building painting
image of jim bowie austin mural
Image of custom painted wall for apartment complex by Sloke One
image of Willie Nelson Austin graffiti mural Sloke One
image of austin mural bull dog and graffiti 
image of outdoor wall austin mural
image of outdoor swedish Austin mural
Image of promotional painting for torchy's tacos in Austin TX by Sloke One
image of outdoor Austin murals featuring portrait and graffiti


Global Reach

From Austin to San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, LA, Oakland, San Jose, NYC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, Sloke has traveled the globe to create custom murals and graffiti art projects for clients.


Image of mad scientist graffiti wall mural by Sloke One
Image of custom graffiti painting for commercial building by sloke one in Austin
Image of graffiti wall by Austin mural artist Sloke One
VW Custom Art Sloke One
Graffiti Spray Art Canvas Sloke One
image of outdoor Austin graffiti mural
image of indoor Austin graffiti mural office construction
Image of custom graffiti art painted garage door by Sloke One
Image of custom geometric wall painting by sloke one
image of indoor office graffiti austin mural
image of indoor Austin murals with geometric design
image of custom painted office lobby by Sloke One
Image of custom colorful geometric wall painting in Austin by sloke one
Image of custom painted house in East Austin by sloke one
image of Austin mural guitar on canvas


Expertise in Rush Jobs

Tight deadlines or rush jobs are no match for Sloke's experience. We offer quick response and turnaround times, friendly and prompt service, original art designs, and creative solutions for your space, event, and timeline.

For a quick response, contact us today. We look forward to working with you on your next visually striking commercial mural or indoor office decor project.

Have questions? Check out our helpful FAQ page for more information.